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The Prairie Grain Portal is still a prototype, but we are well on our way to accomplishing our mission and facilitating real trade

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If you're an agricultural producer interested in the vision of The Prairie Grain Portal, we want to build a Producer Profile for you (no cost, no obligation, just a stunning page dedicated to you)

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The Problem:  Canadian Prairies have a reputation for being one of the most productive and technologically advanced agricultural regions in the world, yet globally we're primarily known for our bulk grain-exports.


The Solution: Our belief is that if end-buyers knew about and understood the region, then there would be an enormous global demand for our high quality crops.  We could leverage our knowledge, technology, and capacity to start focusing on high-value crop varieties and grades that can be shipped from farm-gates to final destinations in containers -- freeing producers from the bulk-trap they are currently in.

Prairie Profile Concept: Producers would thrive if they could tap into global markets for more specialized, higher-value crops (grades of the region's staple crops or new varieties), and with proper contracts and insurance in place, they would have more control over what they grow, how they sell their crops, and enjoy higher-margins.  It's time to free ourselves from having to rely solely on bulk-systems.

Our Mission: Safe and consistent direct-sales are possible and we try to facilitate them -- even for smaller independent producers.  With proper logistics and handling solutions and a steady supply of containers, Prairie producers could collaborate to fulfil much larger orders than they can on their own. The primary bottleneck is that international buyers have access only to only bulk-channels, while end-users (like flour-millers or food-processors) often don't even know that they are buying Grown-in-Canada crops.


Our startup is still in its infancy and we are looking for our first few early adopters.  If you're an agricultural producer interested in the vision of The Prairie Grain Portal, we want to build a Producer Profile for you -- at no cost, with no obligations, just a stunning page dedicated to you to extol the virtues of your farms.

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