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Primary Crops
Malting Barley - AAC Connect  /  Wheat - CPS & CWRS  / 
Canola - Hybrid & Specialty  /  Yellow Flax - NuLin

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We are a 4th generation family owned and operated grain farm with over 100 years of experience in the region. 


Our goal is for our farm to continuously improve to efficiently provide higher yields and consistent quality while focusing on the health of our land and environmental stewardship for the years ahead.

About Rohel Farms

We are a 4th generation family owned and operated grain farm with over 100 years of experience in the region. We have also had experience running livestock and forage crops in our operation. Along side our grain farm we run a custom farm work business for hire

Our Farm

We are located in East Central Saskatchewan farming land between Annaheim and St. Brieux. Our cropping season runs from early May to Mid October. We are fortunate to be located in an area with good weather in the growing season and adequate rainfalls to provide us with consistent high quality and high yielding crops for our buyers

Our Production & Storage Capacity

We currently farm approximately 2000 acres of grain and oilseed crops

We grow Malt Barley currently AAC Connect Variety,  CPS and CWRS Spring Wheat, Canola(Hybrid and Specialty), and Yellow Flax NuLin 50

Approximate (yields/yr) by Crop:

Malt Barley 1.52T- 2.2T per acre   


Wheat 1.9T- 2.6T per acre   


Canola .9T- 1.4T per acre 


Yellow Flax  .76T- 1.02T per acre

Equipment / Technology:

We utilize a direct seeding unit and high clearance sprayer with GPS autosteer, overlap section control, and variable rate technology for accurate application of seeds, fertilizer, and crop protection products with minimal waste to help grow an even and maturing crop that is clean and consistent for the end user.   Harvesting equipment includes combines, swather, and a grain dryer to quickly and efficiently move grain from field to storage when it is mature while maintaining high quality

Storage Bins / Capacity:

Our farm has approximately 2500 tonnes of permanent grain storage

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