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Canada Northern Hard Red

Notable Traits

Red spring wheat

Medium to hard kernels with excellent milling quality

Medium gluten strength

3 milling grades

Recommended for hearth breads, flat breads, steamed breads, and noodles

Baked Goods

Wheat Classes

Canada's approach to wheat-classification is driven by end-user requirements -- the goal being to provide quality results in wheat-flour, baked-goods, or processed-foods

Grades relate to end-uses, desired flour attributes in milling, and end-product quality -- texture of cooked-pasta, or baked-bread for example.  Our labs can guide you to find precisely what you need, including blends to meet your custom specifications

Whether you are a flour-miller, bakery-chain, or food-processor, our platform can help you to source what you need, and we will make all the servicing and handling arrangements for delivery to your facilities in container-loads

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Image by Paz Arando

Quality Assurance

Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) plays a crucial regulatory, licensing, and oversite role in our grain sector

Canada has more than a century-long heritage in grain-classification systems, and expertise in this arena that is second to none

Every link in the grain-chain, from seeding to harvesting to storage to shipping, is regulated for quality assurance until grains leave our shores

Grains are sampled, tested, and shipped in compliance with identity preservation regulations -- buyers approve lab-reports before we ship every container-load


Production & Export Overview

With continual yield improvements we have doubled our wheat output over the last 60 years to become the the 6th largest wheat producer in the world, and achieved even faster export growth to become 4th largest exporter of wheat in the world.


We take pride in the quality and variety of wheat that we export; we set the standard on the global stage and we strive to meet the needs of discerning wheat importers from all around the world

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Specialty Wheat Export Prospects Report


View PGP Wheat Flour Supply Chain Presentation

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