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A Guide to Prosperity Through Crop Diversification


The Prairie grain-economy offers boundless opportunities to diversify to higher-value crops, but in today's market, producers face formidable challenges -- what to grow, where to find buyers, and how to ship to end-markets?

Our mission is to overcome these challenges through the market research we conduct, direct sales we facilitate, and logistics solutions we provide -- empowering producers to take charge of their own destiny

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Given the current bulk-orientation of grain-trades, it may be difficult to relate to how an Internet-portal could lead to grain-sales, but the trade-forum we provide can go a long way to facilitate direct-sales-channels.

We not only connect buyers and sellers but also provide trade-support -- market intelligence and insights to identify sales-opportunities, as well as risk assessment and mitigation to protect producer-interests.  



A major deterrent to high-value crop-exports is the inadequacy of containerization channels, which we already observe in lentil-trades -- even pulling empty containers inland remains a perennial logistics-bottleneck. 

We have a strategy to improve inland container supply to offer fully integrated, one-stop logistics solutions, from farm-gate to final-delivery -- direct shipments with crop identity and integrity maintained at every step.

Researching and Writing


We follow global trade-volumes and crop-prices like most analysts, but our market-research efforts primarily focus on fundamental demand-drivers -- consumption and production trends in both food and feed supply-chains.

While our core focus remains on high-value export prospects (new crop varieties or grades) we pay just as much attention to the risks our bulk-crop exports face on the global stage, particularly from emerging regions.



Globally, the Prairies are known for our quality staple-crop exports, but we must bring more attention to our diversification potential -- not just new crop varieties, but also specialty-grades of our staple-crops.

To this end, an integral part of our export-mandate is promoting the virtues of the Prairies to the best of our abilities, as the world's most advanced region in agronomy, technology, regulations, and sustainability. 


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We have a grand vision for the future of agricultural trades -- one where producers can regain control from major grain companies that dominate the Prairie grain-markets.

Our first step is to serve as an information and consultation portal dedicated to serving producer interests -- to identify new sales-opportunities and attract end-buyers.

As we grow, we hope to develop into an active trade-portal that connects producers directly with global crop markets, where they will find much higher yields by being able to safely diversify and specialize their crops from year to year.  We will be there to facilitate the execution of these trades with our containerized logistics solutions.

We are soliciting support and engagement from producers, their associations, and other grain industry stake-holders -- we want to turn our portal into a collaborative initiative.