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Primary Crops
Canola   /  Malting Barley  /  Hard Red Spring Wheat  /  Oats    

LDM Perrot

We are a family owned and operated farm, dating back four generations

Our connection with this land runs deep, and we have the experience, technology, and capacity to produce some of our region's best crops year after year

About LDM Perrot Farms

Located in central Saskatchewan, Canada, near the community of St. Brieux -- the home of some of the most well known agricultural manufacturing plants in the world (Bourgault Industries, Tillage Tools, Free Form Plastics, Dry-Air)

Our Farm

LDM Perrot Farms consists of 5,650 acres of farmland split between canola, oats, malting barley, and wheat

Equipment / Technology:

We utilize modern farm equipment, equipped with GPS/autosteer and sectional control.  We are also equipped with a full dryer setup to aid with bringing in the crop in challenging Falls when weather is not cooperating

Storage Bins / Capacity:

375,000 bushels (approximately 10,000 tonnes) of grain bin storage, as well as grain bags in the fall to aid with storage and efficiency  

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