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Primary Crops
Wheat - CRSW /  Canola - Invigor  /  Red Lentils - Simmie

Our family has been farming here in West Central Saskatchewan for four generations, since 1911

High yields and high quality grain are our top priorities - striving to grow the best grain possible

Refining our techniques for decades and implementing advanced equipment and machinery to perform year after year

About Seime Farms Ltd

Seime Farms Ltd is a fourth generation family grain farm in the West-Central region of Saskatchewan. We have been in continuous operation since 1911 when my great grandfather emigrated from Norway. We have been focused on improving our production techniques for decades and have been employing minimum and then no-till production and continuous cropping practices since the early 1990s. We are focused on long term sustainability with an eye always turned towards leaving the next generation in a better position and growing the operation. 


We operate a lineup of modern equipment with sectional control and variable rate technology to maximize inputs and minimize waste. We strive to be one of the most progressive farms in the area with an aggressive fertilizer program and excellent weed control for clean fields. 


We grow Hard Red Spring Wheat, Canola and Red Lentils with a focus on high yields and quality grain. We are committed to improving efficiency and staying current with the newest and best varieties and strive to grow the highest quality product our weather conditions will allow. We have over 200k bushels of storage on farm allowing us marketing flexibility and the ability to keep grain in excellent condition. 

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