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Fingerhut Farms

We take great pride in the quality of our grains, and consistently produce some of the region's cleanest and best looking crops -- each year producing in the top percentile for yield, and always in the lead getting our crops in and out of the field

Primary Crops:
Argentine Canola  /  CPS Wheat  /  Morgan Oats  /  Yellow Peas  /  Peaola

About Fingerhut Farms

Fingerhut Farms is a 3,500 hectare operation that is primarily dedicated to grain production.  Owned and operated by Mackenzie Fingerhut, a third-generation farmer whose passion and dedication to agriculture consistently drives their farm to the top percentile in yield and crop quality for their region

Our Farm

Located just Northwest of Fairview, Alberta, Canada, a small town of around 3,000 with a strong agricultural history

With 3,500 hectares of land, Fingerhut Farms produces Argentine Canola, CPS Wheat, Morgan Oats, Yellow Peas, and Peaola.  Our attention to detail and investment into our fertility and chemical programs gives us consistently some of the cleanest and best looking crops in the area  

Our focus on innovation in the agricultural sphere has led our farm to become a go-to source for both data and testimonials for new products; once we have identified a product, tested it, and found it to yield results, we offer these solutions to other farmers through our retail business, MJ Ag Solutions -- selling Bushel Plus Drop Pans, Duck Foot Paddle Tines, Replenish Nutrient Regenerative Fertilizers, and offering soil sampling

Our Production & Storage Capacity

Emphasizing quality above all else, we strive to integrate modern technology along with sustainable soil balancing while still expanding our output

Approximate (yields/yr) by Crop:

Canola 47 bu/ac

CPS Wheat 72 bu/ac

Morgan Oats 150 bu/ac

Yellow Peas 40 bu/ac

Pea-ola 30 bu/ac

Notable Equipment:

John Deere and Case tractors, Bourgault drill, John Deere combines, John deere sprayer

Farm Management Systems:

Climate Fieldview, Agrian, and Agleader SMS

Storage Bins / Capacity

125,000 bushels and hoping to expand


PCBFA – Peace Country Beef and Forage Association

Our Plans

Moving forward, our goal is to dedicate more investment in regenerative practices, including split fertilizer application and new fertilizer products


We are pioneering self-led research programs and are currently conducting over a dozen trials each year, and are aiming to jumpstart a big calcium project and phosphorus project this year

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