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E &C
Gerwing Farms

E & C Gerwing Farms is a third generation farm established in the 1940's


With 40 years of farming experience they pride themselves in clean fields, high yields, and quality grain under the motto 'Farm less but farm better'

Primary Crops:
Barley  /  Wheat  /  Canola  /  Oats

E & C Gerwing Farms

A father and son team with more than 40 years of farming experience, representing the third generation of Gerwing farms.  It was established in the 1940's and has maintained a consistent philosophy of quality over quantity ever since.


Our Farm

Located in East Central Saskatchewan, we are a 2,500 acre farm in a region known for its consistent growing conditions.  The primary focus is on the quality of the crops we produce, and although we are not the biggest, we certainly strive to be among the best

We utilize timely seeding, spraying, and harvest to ensure a consistent crop, and GPS tracking, soil sampling, and fungicides to guarantee the quality of what we grow

Our biggest goal year after year is to 'farm less, but farm it better', and we pride ourselves in our clean fields, high yields, and quality grain

Storage Bins / Capacity:

250,000 bushel bin storage

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