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Hat Creek

Primary Crops
Barley  /  Oats  /  Wheat (CWRS)  /  Peas  /  Flax  /  Rye  /  Canola

Hat Creek



About Hat Creek Farms

We are in the heart of the Malt barley and Oat growing region of Canada.  North East of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (150 km) and straight North of Regina Saskatchewan (225 km)


Hat Creek Farms has been zero till for the past 30 years, a practice started by my Grandfather, and one that I am happy to carry on based on the traditions that he instilled in me

We utilize a crop rotation of at least 3 years between individual crops, and feel we have a much more diversified crop rotation than the average producer, allowing us to minimize disease pressure in any one crop

We hire an agronomist who we work with in almost every aspect of crop production to ensure every rule in regards to pesticide safety and crop production is followed.  We never go off label, so we can ensure the consumer is getting the safest food possible from our farm.   I also keep detailed records of every aspect of crop production and can give the consumer detailed information about the history of a particular field and crop going back 15 years

Our farm has also had a sustainability report done to ensure we are doing the utmost to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint by practices such as variable rate fertilizer, seed, and fungicide applications as well as proper fertilizer placement

Equipment / Technology:

The grain dryer is the most important tool on our farm.  We harvest every crop at the earliest possible time and dry the grain to ensure the highest possible quality, ensuring nothing gets ruined by the weather

All of our application equipment is able to utilize variable rate technology to ensure every area of the field gets the proper rate as prescribed by our agronomist.  We use zone soil sampling on every field to ensure we get proper prescriptions every year

We have a modern line up of machinery to ensure everything can get done in the most efficient manner possible, and we are always doing small scale research projects to test the methods we incorporate to maximize yield while minimizing our environmental impact

Storage Bins / Capacity:

Every bin has temperature cables and fans to ensure the long term safety and viability of the grain we grow.  We have approximately 280,000 bushels of storage or 7600 tonnes

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