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Primary Crops
Hard Red Spring Wheat  /  Milling Oats  /  Canola (Liberty Link)  /  Green Peas  /  Green Lentils




About Covenant Grain

Our farming region is largely a grain producing area but is also home to many other agricultural activities such as livestock (cattle, dairy, sheep, chickens, bison), honey production, fruit orchards and vegetable production. Most agriculture is dryland, but there are nearby areas that operate irrigation systems, and more are being built every year

I love farming! I grew up on a farm in the same area where I now live and I distinctly remember my younger years of tractor rides with my father, raising chickens for our family and others and working with family to get the work done. I attended University and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agronomy in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.


During that time I partnered with a previous colleague and we started an agronomy consulting business that has grown substantially and continues to assist grain farmers in their efforts to become more profitable and sustainable producers. I now have a wife and three young children who love being a part of the farm and I look forward to investing in another generation of farmers!

Our Farm

Covenant Grain currently operates over 11,000 acres of grain land

Our farm utilizes harvest weed seed control technology from an Australian company called Seed Terminator. We have integrated this non-chemical weed control in our operation for 5 years and we plan to continue with it in order to reduce our reliance on chemical weed control, improve our weed resistance management and to reduce our weed control costs

Covenant Grain is a grain, oilseed and pulse growing farm that operates near Hepburn, Saskatchewan, Canada. We began operating under this name in 2020 with our current farm partners, but our farm is built on 4 generations of farming family in the Hepburn area



Machinery and Devices in Use:

We operate many types of modern farm equipment including precision seeding equipment (Vaderstad) and high-efficiency harvesting equipment (John Deere X9 combines). We take advantage of GPS technology, variable rate seed and fertilizer applications, and satellite imagery to track our efforts and make decisions that can improve the crop in a precise manner



Farm Management Systems / Other Relevant Technology:

Covenant Grain uses a mobile app to accurately track our grain inventories and grain quality at all times. We can trace our seed for multiple generations back to its breeder origins and we can trace our grain from the field, to our grain storage, to market with exact accuracy  

Storage Bins / Capacity:

We have storage for approximately 18,000 metric tonnes of grains, oilseeds and pulses. Bin sizes range from 25 MT to 1200 MT, with many sizes in between. This allows us to maximize our storage capacity, while being able to separate our crops and avoid contamination between crop types and varieties

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