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Spring Ridge Farms

Passed down from generation to generation, Spring Ridge Farms is dedicated to sustainability first and foremost

Our goal is to consistently provide the highest-quality crops while minimizing our reliance on chemicals 



Primary Crops:
Barley  /  Feed Barley  /  Flax  /  Hard Red Spring Wheat  /  # 1 Canola  /  Generic Canola  /  Specialty Oil

About Spring Ridge Farms

Spring Ridge Farms started in 1994 and has been passed down from generation to generation.  With 5500 acres of land, our primary focus is on sustainable production

Our Farm

Located in Wainwright, Alberta, Canada, weather can be rather variable -- often hot and dry and wet all in the same growing season.  This region produces exceptional crops in good rainfall conditions and consistently produces stable output year after year

We are planning to expand in the coming years, but our core focus will always be sustainable farming with minimal chemical use -- ensuring our love for farming can be passed down for generations to come

Our biggest goal is to break into new export markets where we know we can stand out for the quality and variety of crops that we produce

Our Production & Storage Capacity

Approximate (yields/yr) by Crop:

Wheat 75-80 bu / pa

Barley 100 bu / pa

Canola 50 bu / pa

Equipment / Technology:

We operate Claus Combines, Fendt Tractors, and Claus Tractors, as well as some digital agricultural technology, climate-field view, and harvest profit software to track efficiencies.  We are also currently engaging in canola trials 

Storage Bins / Capacity:

300,000 bushels bin storage

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