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Primary Crops
Canola  /  Gluten Free & Milling Oats  /  Malting Barley: Synergy, Fraser, Legacy  / 
CPS Red Wheat (Accelerate)    

"We are passionate about farming, and enjoy working together as a team with one common goal -- a successful season."

In a region known as the 'sure crop area' by first settlers, we strive to perform and provide only the best


About Parkland Ventures

Parkland Ventures is located near Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada, in a region known by first settlers as the 'sure crop district'.  We are in the 'black soil zone' where soil texture is made up of a loam to loam clay, and cereals and oilseeds are known to thrive 

Our Farm

Parkland Ventures consists of 17,000 acres / 6,880 hectares of farmland split between canola, oats, barley, and wheat

The weather in our region is notoriously variable, and every season there are a new set of challenges to overcome.  With advanced systems, a deeply malleable approach, and all the skills and knowledge needed to adapt to new conditions, we take pride in our capacity to reliably perform, no matter what is thrown our way

We are members of the Wester Canadian Wheat Growers Association, and sit on the Western Grains Research Foundation board

Crops Grown by Acre / Hectare:


8,500 acres // 3,440 hectares

Oats - gluten free and milling oats

1,000 to 3,000 acres // 400 to 1,200 hectares

Malt Barley - Synergy, Fraser, Legacy

3,000 to 5,000 acres // 1,200 to 2,000 hectares

CPS Red Wheat - Accelerate

2,000 to 4,000 acres // 800 to 1,600 hectares

Approximate Yields by Crop:


40 to 60 bu / ac  ;  98 to 148 bu / hc



80 to 130 bu / ac  ;  198 to 321 bu / hc



125 to 190 bu / ac  ;  309 to 470 bu / hc

CPS Wheat

65 to 110 bu / ac ;  161 to 272 bu / hc

Approximate Total Yields:


9,640 tonnes



6,860 to 11,430 tonnes



2,470 to 7,400 tonnes


CPS Wheat

4,630 to 9,250 tonnes

Equipment / Technology:

We use a mixture of colors (referring to a mix of different brands of equipment) -- Case IH, John Deere, Bourgault -- and everything is captured through our John Deere Operations Center -- mapping, date, time, products used, and rates applied

Storage Bins / Capacity:

18 bins, each 1,000 tonnes, and several smaller bins, combining for total farm storage of around 24,000 tonnes


Parkland Ventures

Parkland Ventures

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