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Virtual Town Hall Meetings

Let's talk about the future of the Prairie Economy -- it's time for a paradigm shift

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We are starting to host our 'Virtual Town-Hall Meetings' to share our plans for the future -- it's time to diversify our crop-base outside of bulk-grains, its time to start selling direct and enter global markets for high-value crops

Drop-ins will be welcome, but only those who register in advance will have full access to Q&A

Virtual Town Hall - Video Recording

What Are These Meetings All About?

Farming Field

The Prairies are one of the most sophisticated and productive agricultural regions in the world, yet outside of North America we are only known for our bulk-grain exports

The primary bottleneck is simple: outside of our bulk-exports, our farmers have little to no global exposure, and real buyers will not materialize when they don't know we are even here

Combine Harvester on Field

A seminar and Q&A on our approach to connecting agricultural producers with end-buyers on the global market, and what we envision as the future paradigm-shift in the Prairie agricultural economy

What Is The Format?

How Can I Join The Next One?

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Drop-ins are welcome, and you can listen in on the conversation by clicking the zoom link during the Town Hall ; however, officially registering / signing up will give you full access to our Q&A

If you're not comfortable registering, simply swing-by to check it out, and if you find yourself curious or wanting more info, you can register to participate in the next meeting!

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To better manage the focus of each section, we restrict the number of individuals actively participating to 40 ; however there is no limit to the number of people who can drop in on the conversation to watch, so you can always drop in to check it out and register for a later session to participate in the dialogue!

Furthermore, all individuals that RSVP for a Town-Hall will be offered an early spot in our Producer Profile program

Why Register?

Virtual Town Hall Meetings

  • PGP Virtual Town Hall II
    Mar 17, 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST
    Producers would thrive if they could tap into global markets for more specialized, higher-value crops; and we can facilitate logistics, containerized solutions, export insurance, and help you to establish contracts with buyers -- Let's talk about the future