Combine Harvester on Field


Farming has been transformed from an experience-based-tradition to a data-driven-science; the Prairies have been at the forefront of this. Farms have become much larger with latest equipment in action using GPS, not just for position-tracking but also automated-guidance. Most machines also have variable-rate-spreading devices to apply the desired amounts of inputs in the field -- seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. Moreover, most farm-equipment have monitors to detect moister-levels and soil-conditions, augmented by increasing use of drones as they become more affordable.

Farmers have wireless access to field-data and actively use that data for planning, and in real-time for decision-support – seeding, fertilizing and harvesting. With so much data and need for precision-applications, increasingly more sophisticated farm-management-systems are being used, with the added benefits of tracking and managing farm-inputs and crop-yields. The MS-envelope is being pushed further by big-data availability, especially on weather-conditions, which in turn facilitates more effective seeding and harvesting practices, as well as yield forecasts for marketing.

Though we are not directly involved in IT applications in farming per se, we have considerable knowledge and experience in this field. We were among the pioneers in telematics in transport-logistics, going back four decades, and our logistics-partner has a technology platform offering mobile-activity-management solutions and AI applications, with a large footprint in resource based industries in Western Canada. We are keenly interested and closely following developments in technology and their applications in agriculture, which we will be reporting on through this portal.

Our broader support-mission in this domain is to forge close ties with leading farm-equipment manufacturers as well as IT solution-providers. We not only want to serve our followers with frequent updates on latest technology developments but also hope to mobilize support from equipment and technology vendors for our own specialty-crop-mission, as participants or even sponsors. Thus, updates on farm-technology and farming-practices will be regular features of our platform, in the hope of also enticing our producer-base to further crop-specialization.


Farm Equipment

We would like to turn this section of our portal into discussion-forum for farm-equipment manufacturers to post their latest technology offerings, and for producers to provide feedback on what they currently use and what they plan to purchase.

We will structure the forum-format as both manufacturers and producers sign-up with their comments and suggestions.  At the same time, we will actively reach out to both audiences through their associations and corporate representatives.  


Management Systems

We also have plans to introduce a parallel discussion-forum on farm-management systems and practices.  To this end, we are inviting software-solution and big-data providers to participate, in the hope of establishing a cutting-edge knowledge portal.

We will actively promote farmer-participation in this endeavor, not just with comments and suggestions but also working with us to showcase management-systems and their applications -- a crucial extension of our Prairie farm-profile case-study series.