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Potential Buyers: Asia-Pacific

Our observations showing the potential in the Asia-Pacific region are far from a hypothetical -- there are real opportunities to identify and connect with reputable buyers in order to sell your crops direct

The buyer-profiles that we have here are only a sliver of the overall-market, but we will continue to expand this section moving forward

The Prairie Grain Portal is still a prototype, but we are well on our way to accomplishing our mission and facilitating real trade

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Asia-PacificWheat / Flour

Yihai Kerry

China Wheat & Flour

China's largest agri-food processing business


Mainly focused on oilseed crushing, edible oil, refining, specialty fats, oleochemicals, and processing corn, wheat, and soybean


However, they are also involved in packed oil, rice, flour, condiment, grain & oil raw material, cereal (further processing and derivative), feed ingredients, and more



Asia-Pacific Wheat & Flour

Headquartered in Singapore, The Interflour Group coordinates bulk grain purchases and shipping logistics from sources around the globe


Just-in-time flour and malt deliveries to domestic markets, as well as a range of export destinations


They cater to everything from consumer packs ranging from 1kg – 50kg bags, as well as bulk orders delivered by container

Sriboga Raturya

Indonesia Wheat & Flour

PT Sriboga Raturaya was established in 1995 as a pioneer of high nutritional wheat flour, and in 2011, it spun off into PT Sriboga Flour Mill and has grown into one of the top five wheat flour manufacturers in Indonesia with a daily milling capacity of 2,050 MT / day

Their distribution network in the wheat flour sector and related industries includes 4,674 SME's across 175 communities.



Asia-Pacific Wheat & Flour

Bungasari Flour Mills, Indonesia, is a partnership formed by FKS Group from Indonesia, Malayan Flour Mills from Malaysia, and Japan's Toyota Tsusho


Considered the most advanced milling company in the region

800 MT/h wheat unloading system, three 500 MT/day milling lines, three 500 MT/day flour-blending facilities, and 100MT/day premix plant

COFCO International

China Wheat & Flour

COFCO is China's largest food and agriculture company; in 2020 they handled 130 million tonnes of related commodities


Focused on being the leader in global grains, oilseeds and sugar supply chains – trading with over 50 nations to provide farmers unique and direct access to the growing Chinese market


Sources grains, oilseeds, cotton, and coffee, then processes and refines into products that they distribute to customers through their own transportation networks


Wudeli Wheat Group

China Wheat & Flour

Headquartered in southern Hebei Province, China


They imported over 1 million tonnes of wheat in 2020, but expect to decrease this amount significantly as they become more reliant on domestic bulk wheat production (an opportunity for Canadian producers to shift up the value chain)

Asia-Pacific Animal Feed


New Hope Liuhe Co.

China Animal Feed

New Hope Liuhe Co was formed in 2005 through a merger between New Hope Group and Liuhe Group, and is one of the largest agricultural enterprises in China


With offices in 20 countries, they specialize in food processing and modern agriculture, and have grown operations in order to specialize in animal feed -- 15 million tons / year sold

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