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Direct Sales From Farm-Gate To End Buyer -- The Future Of Ag

Trade Facilitation

Naturally, producers have a vested interest in diversifying to higher-value crop grades or varieties but their hands are tied -- direct-sales channels to export markets are limited, if exist at all in today's market environment dominated by bulk-trades.


The first prong of our mission is to nurture the development of direct-sales channels, by identifying  new export market opportunities and  increasing visibility into Prairie agriculture to attract crop buyers or importers from around the world.

Old Globe

Global Market Trends

The efforts behind our trade-facilitation mission are based on diligent market research.  We track trade-volumes and crop-prices but dig much deeper into market-dynamics through the research we conduct into demand-drivers, both consumption and supply-chain trends.  


The research themes we focus on, and case-studies we conduct, reflect the export potential we see in identifying specialty-crop varieties our producers should consider growing.  What you see here reflects the work we have been doing, but you can shape our future agenda.


Logistics Solutions

Even if producers had access to direct-sales channels, there remains another obstacle in their way -- lack of integrated logistics services to prepare and ship specialty-grains to final destinations in container-loads with product integrity intact.


This is the second prong of our core-mission, a domain we are imminently qualified to tackle as one of the leading logistics-companies in Western Canada, with established connections in Asia Pacific to arrange for final deliveries.



Prairie Agriculture

Our ultimate aim is to turn this section into a “window” on Prairie Agriculture, to extol our virtues and promote our exports to overseas buyers as the world’s most advanced region with enormous diversification potential to all kinds and grades of crops the world needs.  


But we are not there yet; we still have a lot of work to do before we can be confident that we are doing justice to our farm-economy in the best light possible on the world stage.  To this end, we need feedback and suggestions from our followers, producers and other stakeholders alike.

Visit the Agora / Trade Forum to connect directly with end-buyers

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