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Integrated Solutions

Our platform initiative is predicated on the belief that there is global demand for specialty crops for our producers to turn to, alternative markets to those that sustain our current bulk-trades. Part of the reason that these alternative sales-channels do not form organically is that even if direct-sales were to materialize the logistics-channels are not in place to fulfil them. This is why we see our mission in two-tracks -- sales and logistics. In the former our role is "facilitation", connecting buyers and sellers; in the latter it is "integration", one-stop logistics service provision.

With access to agronomy-knowledge and advanced farm-equipment, farmers are capable of producing a huge variety of crops. Some crops may be ready to ship from farm-gates but most others require further handling and even processing. Farmers are masters of their own trade but do not have time or capacity to shoulder these chores through multiple service-providers. They need to turn to a lead-service-provider, what we call in the logistics-trade LSP, the role we take on to ensure that their crops are prepared to buyer-specifications, ready to ship to final destination.


A challenging part of this task is to secure container-supply, as close to sources of production as possible and free to be directed to delivery points in end-markets. To this end, we work closely with shipping-lines to ensure that this supply is in place in a timely manner with sufficient capacity our producers need to fulfil their orders. This may require repositioning across the Prairies with intermediate loads, to where we need them for grain-loading. Also, we need to coordinate our sales-efforts to generate sufficient volumes to utilize the containers that are diverted to us.

Our job does not end with guiding the loaded-containers to export-ports to hit the ship-sailings with the slots assigned to us. The final leg of the journey from landing-ports to delivery-points would have been cleared in advance, but typically shipping-lines do not get involved in those forwarding chores, leaving it to agents to make the arrangements. Having worked in Asia Pacific for so many years, we have established relations with reliable freight-forwarders to take on these tasks, delivering to our buyers and also repositioning the containers where shipping lines expect them.

Logistics Service Components

We are committed to looking after all your logistics needs in serving overseas customers, one-stop service from farm-gate to final-delivery.  We will help you reach out to importers, support you in striking sales-contracts with your customers, and take on all the logistics burden in their execution -- crop-servicing (at origin), container-supply (nearest intermodal terminal), intermodal-coordination (truck, rail, shipping), and final-delivery (at destination).