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Craft Breweries: Asia-Pacific

Asia-Pacific's craft-beer demand is growing faster than any other region, and it is starting almost from scratch

As this artform spreads, more maltsters and brewers will be looking for higher quality malt and malting barley, and Canadian producers should be supplying them

Lets stop selling malting barley as feed for fractions of its value and start specializing to satisfy this demand for high quality beer

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The Fastest

Growing Craft-Beer Market 


Red Doors

Market Overview

Currently craft brew represents only 5% of the area's total beer market; however, an ever-increasing number of new craft breweries throughout the region is leading the market forward

The trend of premiumization is expected to increase the growth potential of the market in terms of value and volume -- tastes are becoming more refined

Although the craft beer market in Asia-Pacific is at a nascent stage, the willingness of consumers to pay a high price for innovative drinks is supporting the growth of the market

In the Asia-Pacific beer market, premium beer categories are relatively underdeveloped; however, they are anticipated to grow faster than the overall market in the region



Barley Imports

Canadian barley is especially favoured by Chinese brewers because of its high protein content


Chinese beer makers typically mix barley with other grains such as wheat in their brewing process, which requires more protein and other enzymes from the barley to achieve the desired balance

China imports 5-10 million tonnes (459 million bushels) of barley each year, of which 1-2 million tonnes (45.9 million to 91.9 million bushels) is destined for malt

Beer Samplers

China Brewing

China consumes more beer than any other country in the world, and the taste for smaller-batch craft beer has taken hold and it is set to grow quickly

Hubs of craft production remain clustered around Beijing-Tianjin, the Lower Yangtze Delta, and the Pearl River Delta; however major leaps are being made in places like Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi'an, Kunming, and Quiyan

In other words, the taste for craft-beer is spreading, and when something catches on in China, it spreads very fast


China: Examples of Breweries



Bionic Brew


Xian Brewery

Shangri-la Brewery



Great Leap Brewing


Slow Boat Brewery


Arrow Factory

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