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Canada produces some of the best malting barley in the world, with cutting-edge testing, handling, and service ecosystems in support

Craft-brewing is exploding in Asia-Pacific and Canada is an ideal procurement destination

Here we introduce the world to some of the things that make Canadian producers so special, and why the opportunity to source direct is so beneficial

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Featured Region: Saskatchewan's Parklands

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Regional Notes

The Parklands region extends in a broad arc from southwestern Manitoba, northwestward through Saskatchewan to its norther apex in central Alberta

The climate is marked by short, warm summers and long, cold winters with continuous snow cover

Because of its favorable climate and fertile, warm black soils, this region represents some of the most productive agricultural land in the Prairies

It produces a wide range of crops, including spring wheat, cereals, oilseeds, forages, and several specialty crops

Featured Grades


(represents 34.79% of barley seeded)

CDC Copeland

Notable Traits

Predominant malting barley grown in western Canada in 2021

Excellent Brewing Characteristics

Lower protein and enzyme levels than AC Metcalfe

Provides excellent balance among malting barley varieties

Choosing The Best Grade

Craft brewing is an artform -- different grades are more suitable to different brews, so its important to find exactly what you need

Crop Overview:

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chart 3.png
chart 1.png

View Full 2021 Canadian Grain Commission Report

Production Overview


Total area planted - 3.357 million hectares (10% higher than 2020), and 25% higher than 10-year average

Total production -- 6.948 million tonnes

Average barley yield -- 43.0 bushels per acre (but 70.8 bushels per acre in 2019, 71.1 in 2020, and 10-year average of 66.1 ; ie drought in 2021 had significant impact on overall yield

Total barley production in western Canada in 2021, however, is estimated at only 6,602,000 tonne (approximately 37% lower than 2020, as 2021 was plagued by severe drought and lack of moisture contributing to extremely low yields - 42.2 bushels per acre compared to 7.18 BPA in 2020)

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