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About The Trade Forum

The PGP Agora: Trade Forum is a place for agricultural producers to connect with end buyers overseas

It is a prototype for what will eventually become the PGP Virtual Grain Mall, a space that will promote the entire agricultural ecosystem, and facilitate direct-sales to end-buyers right from farm-gate

This is a space where end-buyers, like millers, maltsters, bakeries, and more, can post their specific procurement needs and connect directly with producers able to sell to them directly, and where producers and service providers can promote themselves directly to overseas markets

The Prairie Grain Portal is still a prototype, but we are well on our way to accomplishing our mission and facilitating real trade

If you have any questions, or want to be featured on our site as a producer, buyer, or service profile, then email us at:

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Trade Forum

Based on our understanding of grain-producer interests and end-user markets, we believe there is huge potential in adding much greater value to the Prairie grain-economy by shifting away from bulk-trades to specific grades or types of crops. To this end, new sales-channels are needed but this is not going to happen by knocking on doors or staging trade-missions. Luckily, as for everything else, we have the Internet at our disposal to demonstrate to global-markets that we have the capacity to grow crops to end-user specifications, and deliver them to their door-steps.
Grains may not lend themselves to one-click-sales to be contemplating an Amazon-type portal where buyers order what they need and get it delivered within days. But at the same time sales-contracts do not have to be negotiated in advance for custom-growth to user-specifications and post-harvest deliveries staged the following year, in theory a cycle that could take two years or more. There are ways of developing sales-channels for specific types and grades of crops, and put them on sustainable market-paths, by aligning producer-interests and end-user requirements.

In this vein, our mission is to start with an online trade-forum to facilitate consultative-dialogue between producer-groups and targeted end-user audiences -- in time we will nurture this portal to develop into a contract-sales platform. Bear in mind that we have no interest in captivating parties (buyers or sellers) to engage in contracts that we take a commission from. Our role will be confined to generating interest by the content we provide, playing a consultative or support role to develop direct sales-channels -- we will only engage in sales-contracts if asked by clients.

We will guide the evolution of this consultative-forum to a sales-platform by:

  • Presenting our own experience and ongoing market-research efforts

  • Actively soliciting ideas/suggestions from producers or their associations

  • Actively promoting concepts to targeted buyer-groups in export-markets

  • Facilitating dialogue on specific market segments of mutual interest


Producer Profiles

We encourage agricultural producers to share their capacity with the world -- upload a few photos of your farm, and send us a few details to promote and we will take care of the rest!

The Prairie Grain Portal will compile the info you post, and, pending your approval, package it into a pinned profile at the top of the forum.  We want to do everything we can to promote you on the global stage


End-Market Profiles

We will share our research on specific end-markets , and do our best to provide insights into new market opportunities around the globe, starting in the Asia-Pacific region (China and beyond)

In time we aim to build a database of buyer-profiles that can be used to help producers connect with end-markets; as the portal grows, so too will the sophistication and detail of these profiles


Research Suggestions

Let us know your thoughts on where we should dive deeper for future featured articles.

If there is a specific market, region, or topic that you would like to see us flush out, then start a discussion here so that you can help guide our research agenda


General Discussion

Connect with other producers and buyers from around the world to share your thoughts and experiences

In our Q&A section, we hope to compile a proper FAQ for the site -- let us know if you have any questions!